Baby Christening Decorations

Whatever venue you choose for your new baby's christening, a few choice decorations can liven things up and add a much cosier and more intimate feeling to the day.

The number of options for decorations can be overwhelming, but even the simplest christening decoration scheme can work wonders if executed properly. The following are a few tips to help you choose the best decorations and make the most of them on the day.

Choose the Colours Carefully

One thing that can easily ruin a decorating scheme of any kind is clashing colours. Before purchasing any decorations you should first pick a main colour and one, maybe two, additional colours that work well with your main choice. If you stick to these colours you can be sure that the decorations will have a unified feel to them which adds greatly to the overall professionalism of you efforts. Try to steer clear of anything too dark and do not use more than three colours in total as this can make things feel too busy and confusing.

Cover the Furniture

Cloth or even paper tableware, if chosen correctly, can transform almost any room into a suitable party venue. Covering the existing furniture should probably be your first concern when preparing a room for your baby christening party. Table covers and chair ties range from cute and colourful to subtle and classy and should be selected based on a colour scheme of your own design and to match any other decorations you will be making use of.

Use Flowers and Balloons Sparingly

Flowers and balloons can be a great addition to any party decorations, but overdoing it is a quick way to spoil the effect. A simple flower arrangement in the centre of each table may be all that's needed, maybe a few balloons around the room or arranged as a personalised arch at the entrance displaying the baby's name. Ribbons generally work very well with flowers or balloons and can help to “fill out” a space, or add colour where needed to avoid overusing the other items.

Use Matching Invites and Placecards

When you have chosen your colour scheme and the overall theme of the baby christening decorations you will use, it is time to finalise the invitations and placecards. Using the same colours and reusing any motifs incorporated into your other decorations, try to design invitations and placecards to match. If you can't do this yourself, maybe employ the services of a company or individual who specialises in this sort of thing. Whether you choose to go with a hand crafted type of invitation or a glossy, printed card, having them designed and made professionally will add a touch of class to the whole affair. Shop around for the most cost-effective solution here as prices can vary widely between companies. You should with some searching be able to find an affordable solution that doesn't skimp on quality.

Baby Christening Decorations